Organic Unrefined Pure Cocoa Butter - 100g
100% Organic Cocoa Butter, color as seen above, yellow and smells just like the chocolate you buy from a store
because this is taken from the Cocoa Plant itself!

Imported from the United States where the goods are FDA inspected and also helping the Fair Trade Community in Ghana,
we bring to you all naturale goodies!

What is Cocoa butter good for?

Our no 1 high recommendation - STRETCH MARKS CURE! Cocoa butter is also good as a skin moisturiser...

Pregnant ladies, pre and post partum should be using a lot of this..
You should be applying consistently throughout your pregnancy and after your pregnancy.
This is the best way to minimise stretch marks. There is no form of chemicals in this!

You get 100% pure cocoa butter vs other products which wont tell you its contents.
This is rock solid at room temperature and melts in between your palms.

You can use this for baking too cos it's PURE COCOA BUTTER!

What you see in the picture is a representation of our specially made Shea w Sweet Almond or Olive Oil, We can do a special lighter buttery version of this, we can do this at an additional $8 for you in a container, contact us at