For Her - Progesterone - PMS, Menopause, Weight Loss, Acne Control
Having horrible menses cramps every month that result in you
not going to work, not enjoying life, taking tons of painkillers and going insane?

OR pre-menses conditions w severe pain, muscle cramps, excessive water retention and what not?

Not knowing what to do with your menopause discomforts? Having extreme mood swings and hot flashes?

Have you been having sluggish metabolism? Just no matter how much you exercise and control your foods, it just doesn seem to work?

Or are you suffering Acne outbreaks that won't go away? You know it's got to do with your hormones after you have tried everything you know.

Our body functions are controlled by hormones regulated by the thyroid(every doctor knows this). Due to the hormone growth & excessive estrogen injected in our foods today, the environment, most of us have problems developed as time go by. This is termed as "estrogen dominant" in the body.

Introducing Happy PMS progesterone cream made by the US Pharmaceutical standard of 1200mg per 2oz, ie 56.8g which has the most effective amount of progesterone recommended.

This is extracted from Wild Mexican Yam (Food Grade) and has absolutely NO side effects.
The progesterone extracted is bio-identical to human progesterone.

Below is the excerpt taken out of wikipedia (to relieve you guys of understanding biology jargons)
Other good things in store would include

  • It normalizes blood clotting and vascular tone, zinc and copper levels, celloxygen levels, and use of fat stores for energy.
  • It appears to prevent endometrial cancer (involving the uterine lining) by regulating the effects of estrogen.
So what else is progesterone good for?

fibrocystic breasts
breast cancer
heart disease
mood swings
hot flashes
uterine fibriods
renal failure

hormone balance
thyroid function
energy - by converting stored body fats into energy to stabilise your metabolism through out the day
Libido - ie you're in the mood for lovey dovey w your partner/spouse vs "no mood" all the time
restful sleep - as your muscles relax esp tension at work and sitting position
Anti wrinkle - as mentioned above that it promotes cell renewal and growth
mental clarity, improves memory
vagina health
improve blood circulation hence weakness in legs, varicose veins, will slowly disappear

Ingredients - purified water, stearic acid, d-alpha tocopherol(natural Vit E),
Natural Glycerin, Avocado Oil, Natural Progesterone (USP), Aloe Vera Oil, Rosemary Extract, Carrot Oil,
Lemon Grass Oil - no funny smell & guaranteed no chemicals 

Give it a try. You'll notice the improvement that you haven't seen before. 
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