Organic Natural African Raw Black Soap 100g
Raw black african soap freshly HandMade & imported from the USA for all you fans of Natural, No chemicals, Organic Goodies!

Hand made in Ghana, Africa with 100% natural ingredients - Roasted Cocoa (Chocolate) Pods, Plantain Skin, Ash, Palm Oil, Purified Water.

A bit of this soap lathers a great deal naturally. Since it is natural, it has no SLS, parabens, DEA or any kind of harmful chemicals!

You can use this to wash anywhere everywhere! Not recommended for the ultra dry and dry skin (face/body).

Because the soap is soft milled and has very high Natural glycerin content, it readily absorbs moisture in the air.
Given Singapore's humidity 85%-95%, this may turn into a soft mold. Keeping it dry or sealed till ready to use is a great idea.

Even if it has liquified in the dish, you can still use it.  A soap dish is highly recommended.

(We have ceramic cream-white colored soap dishes for an additional cost of $4, ask for one during your purchase and we'll include it for you!)

We can make a liquid formula for this as well -

  • In purified water, a 250ml bottle will cost $6
  • Add in peppermint/lemon/eucalpytus/frankincense PURE essential oil will cost just another $2 and we are very generous with our formulation
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Support The Fair Trade Community by buying this! This helps create jobs at decent wages for them, in turn lifting them out of poverty!