Organic Unrefined Pure Shea Butter - 100g
100% Pure Unrefined ORGANIC Shea Butter is an all natural vitamin A cream. We have this imported from the United States where the standards of Organic have been met.

This butter is in it's pure raw state and there is a strong nutty smell. What you see in the stores out there have been stripped of its color and thus the natural healing properties and laden with chemicals.

The following is a list of skin conditions that the shea butter could be of help to heal:

1. Dry skin
2. Skin rash
3. Skin peeling, after tanning
4. Blemishes and wrinkles
5. Itching skin
6. Sunburn
7. Shaving cream for a smooth silky shave
8. Small skin wounds
9. Skin cracks
10. Tough or rough skin (on feet.)
11. Frost bites
12. Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy
13. Insect bites
14. Muscle fatigue, aches and tension
15. Skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak
16. Eczema
17. Dermatitis
18. Skin damage from heat (hot grease while cooking, radiation treatment for certain medical problems, etc.)

It has a small amount of natural SPF in it too.

If you want a larger quantity of this email us!

What you see in the picture is a representation of our specially made Shea w Sweet Almond or Olive Oil, we can do this special formulation for you at an small additional charge, contact us at