Italian Aquasan Water Multi Filters, Purifier
Aquasan is an imported Italian, patented water filter system to eliminate bacteria proliferation, filters chlorine, sand, rust, metal sendiments, algae and bad smell in the water.

o Able to use over HOT/COLD water! *most tap fixture filters can't do that*

o Each fixture comes with ONE filter in the box.It has carbon in it to do the necessary filtering required to
   remove chlorine and flouride.

o Suitable for most faucets/taps

o Small & Compact to bring with you for overseas trips! fits to shower taps/hoses/water taps
o Convenient spray feature to wash vege/fruits

*Filters lasts 3-6 months, depending on the amount of water filtered and also the water contamination condition at your local area. The visible sponge is a good indicator as to decide on a change of filter.

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Italian Aquasan Water Filter Replacement Set
Replacement Filter Catridge for the above mentioned product